How to use a baby wrap?

Are you also curious about the baby wrap and want to know more Here you will find our best advice. You will learn how to use a woven baby wrap, what to think about. In addition, you get answers to the most common questions..

Different types of baby wrap

The woven baby wrap is the one you can use the longest. The material is stable and durable, unlike a stretch model. For the smallest babies, a stretch model can fit better, as the soft fabric adapts to your and the baby's shapes. At the same time, the long shawl in stretch fabric is a little easier to handle. However, the support quickly becomes insufficient and then you simply switch to a woven model.

The woven model requires a little more practice to tie, but with a little practice you will get an incredibly versatile aid that you can use for a really long time. The more stable fabric of the woven model means that the baby's weight is distributed over the shoulders, back and hips. In addition, you can also carry your baby on your back with a woven baby wrap.

Woven baby shawls

There are several different varieties of woven baby shawls and you can advantageously choose some favorites to switch between. You can choose the length of the shawl based on your own body size. But you can also get several models for different styles or different ways to wear. With a woven shawl, you can even carry a slightly older child on your hip.

Those who use woven baby shawls especially appreciate the comfort. The support you get by tying the shawl around your body is hard to imagine. With the right conditions, you can carry your baby for hours without getting tired in the back. The variations also appeal to users. Countless fabrics, colors and patterns can be mixed and matched for a style that suits you.

How to tie a woven baby wrap?

When you get your first baby wrap, you will usually find instructions for that particular model with the product. You can also find countless tips and guides online, for different wearing styles. The most important thing to keep in mind when using a baby wrap is to keep your baby's airways clear. Never let the fabric cover the baby's face. Also make sure that the child can not fall. While adjusting and tying your sling, you often have the baby in place in the shawl. Therefore, you should always have a soft surface or an assistant who can receive when needed.


Here you will find answers to the most common questions about woven baby shawls:

Can I carry my newborn baby in a woven baby carrier??

Yes you can. But it may require a little more practice in the beginning.

Can I breastfeed in my woven baby wrap?

Yes! Here, too, it may require a little more of you as a carrier, but with a little practice you will find the perfect position.

Can I carry two children at the same time?

Yes, you can even carry two children of different ages at the same time without any problems.

What should I do if it feels too heavy to carry?

Check that the fabric is evenly distributed, especially over the shoulders.