What should you always carry in your diaper bag?

When you have your first baby, a lot is new. Above all, you will notice that there are lots of things you need to take with you as soon as you go out - things you never had to think about before.

So what things can you not do without when you go out with your baby?

Here is a checklist that is guaranteed to help you.

  • First and foremost, you need to bring diapers. It's not fun to stand without them if something happens.
  • Babies mess up everything and everyone, so make sure you have a change with you - both for you and your baby.
  • Wet wipes! When you become a parent, you will understand why other parents have always loved them - they work for everything!
  • A changing mat that you can put your baby on when you change a nappy is practical. You never know when the accident will happen.
  • Maybe you need breastfeeding pads? It's not nice with stains of breast milk on the shirt.
  • Then you need a baby bottle, milk substitute/gruel/baby food or something else when your baby gets hungry - because he always will!
  • Pacifier is a"lifesaver"for the babies who use it. Feel free to bring several pieces for your baby is guaranteed to throw one away on the road.
  • Garbage bags. It's not fun to walk around with a poop diaper in your bag if you do not have a bag.
  • Hand alcohol to clean various things. Babies love to lick and chew on everything.
  • Finally, toys. It can be doomed to leave without the favorite teddy bear.