About us

We are a small company based in Norrköping that specializes mainly in diaper bags, but our vision is to expand our range and brand to be able to offer all products that could be needed for parents.


When I started looking for a diaper bag, I had several criteria in mind, these criteria included:

  • It should be spacious.
  • It should be practical.
  • It should be modern.
  • It should be versatile.

It all ended with me having to ask my sister to buy a bag abroad and then send it to Sweden as they were not sold internationally.

We realized that this was a problem and therefore the idea of Agnes Sofie was raised. We want to offer more alternatives and a solution to those who sit in the same seat as I sat in before.

About the name

The best day of my life was the day I found out I was pregnant. A while later the question came:

- What should we name her?

We had written down all the names we thought were appropriate and the ones we liked. In the end, we were left with two names, Agnes and Sofie.

Both names have a symbolic meaning for us. In the end, we chose the name Agnes.

When we came up with the idea for this store, the name was a obvious.

We name it what we hold dearest, Agnes Sofie .

- Rebeca, Agnes Sofie.